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    India's First 3-in-1 Sanitary napkin:  Herbal | Anion-Powered | Organic

    Vivanion Sanitary Napkin Vs. Other Brands

    Feature dioxin free sanitary napkin Other Brands
    Dioxin using sanitary napkinDioxin free soiled sanitary napkinDioxin Prone
    Packaging using sanitary napkinPremium Aluminium Packaging, Hygienic and re-sealable Packaging          Design for Protection against bacteria, fungus and Moisture soiled sanitary napkinPlastic Packaging; impossible          to re-seal once it is opened
    Surface using sanitary napkinSoft, Thin and Comforting soiled sanitary napkinCotton material with rough          surface
    Absorption using sanitary napkinHighest rate of liquid absorption without leakage and rewetting soiled sanitary napkinNormal absorption rate
    Raw Material using sanitary napkin100% safe and hygiene soiled sanitary napkinPossibly recycled paper with          huge amount of chemicals
    Bottom Layer using sanitary napkinHigh tech breathability bottom layer allowing free-flow of air soiled sanitary napkinMade by plastic
    Non breathable

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