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    India's First 3-in-1 Sanitary napkin:  Herbal | Anion-Powered | Organic

    8 Main Benefits of Vivanion

    Vivanion Sanitary Napkin is a hygienic antibacterial and organic sanitary napkin that has an embedded Anion strip and Medicinal herbs which help prevent bacterial multiplication, eliminate odour and promote comfort duringmenstrual periods.

    Below given are 8 of the main benefits of Vivanion for the no-limits woman:

    • feminine hygiene pads   Strengthens immunity

    • ladies sanitary napkins   Improves metabolism

    • herbal sanitary pad   Enhances hormonal balance

    • intimate sanitary pad   Eliminates bacteria

    • maternity sanitary pad   Eradicates odor

    • feminine napkin brands   Reduces stress

    • feminine pads brands   Removes fatigue

    • lady sanitary pad   Treats inflammation

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